We want you to know what you’re getting when you work with Bemas Construction. We have a ride range of capabilities when it comes to large-scale construction, mass overlot grading, excavating, and more. As the industry go-to for projects like this in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond, we pride ourselves in our work. That’s precisely the reason we want to discuss scope, scale, and examples of completed projects right here.


Bemas Construction, Inc. has been immersed in transportation projects over the past several years.


Highway projects in North Dakota have been Bemas’ primary focus from 2009 – 2014. Bemas started on the eastern side of North Dakota in 2009 completing grade raise projects to raise highways several feet above the existing water elevation due to flooding. These projects consisted of mass grading with large quantities of riprap for slope protection to protect the newly constructed roadway from eroding. In 2011, Bemas started in western North Dakota working on full reconstruction projects to improve the safety of highways in the heart of the North Dakota oil boom.

Projects like Hwy 23 in New Town, North Dakota and Hwy 22 in Killdeer, North Dakota required several crews working day and night to complete each project within one season. Bemas self-performed all the excavation, storm drainage and aggregate base course while managing subcontractors to complete the erosion control, fencing, traffic control, paving and striping. All projects were delivered on schedule and met all of North Dakota Department of Transportation’s expectations.

Highway 23 - New Town, North Dakota

Highway 22 Lost Bridge to Highway 73 - Mandaree, North Dakota

K-18 New Highway Interchange -Manhattan, Kansas


Bemas has a long history of airport projects dating back to 1995, working both as a subcontractor and prime contractor. The Airport projects that Bemas performed the exaction and aggregate base course include Amarillo, TX, Albuquerque, NM, Bentonville, AR, Hugoton, KS, Cheyenne, WY and Riverton, WY. Most recent, Bemas was awarded a project at Riverton Airport in Riverton Wyoming in 2015. The project consisted of lowering the main runway twelve feet to meet new FAA requirements.

A large portion of the existing runway was milled off and asphalt millings stockpiled onsite. Bemas excavated the material from Runway 10/28 and hauled the material to the safety area on the north side of Runway 1/19. In addition to the mass excavation, Bemas self-performed the loading, hauling and placing of the P-209 aggregate base course. Subcontractors managed by Bemas completed the electrical, paving, striping, fencing and erosion control on the project. The project was completed on time to the satisfaction of the City of Riverton.

Allium Street Reconstruct @ DEN - Denver, Colorado

Riverton Airport- Riverton, Wyoming

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport- Jefferson County, Colorado

Garfield County Regional Airport - Rifle, Colorado


In addition to highways and airports, Bemas has helped to construct several railroad sidings both in Colorado and North Dakota.

Typical projects include overlot grading for track areas, installation of large underdrain systems, loading platforms and placement of subballast before the track contractor mobilizes.

Northstar Transloading - Fairview, Montana

Vestas Nacellas - Brighton, Colorado


Bemas Construction, Inc. works with several municipalities across the Front Range where technical excavation and detailed grading is required. We offer our expertise in grading and excavation and have helped complete a variety of projects in the field. Though muncipal projects may span a variety of tasks, typical projects include water treatment facilities and water storage tanks.

Water Treatment Facilities

A recent water treatment facility that Bemas completed was Reuter Hess Water Treatment Plant in Parker, Colorado. This facility involved mass grading for overall site development plus a multi-tier building excavation/backfill for the processing facility that was constructed onsite.

Bemas also completed the channel improvements with grouted riprap drop structures.

Reuter Hess Water Treatment Plant - Parker, Colorado

Water Storage

Bemas has also completed several water storage tanks over the past few years. Water storage tank projects require large open excavations to allow crews and cranes to construct the concrete tanks. Our work typically includes the installation of an underdrain system and backfill of the tank as well. For most tanks there is select backfill material that is specified by the design Engineer.

Bemas tries our best to manage the materials from the water tank excavation in order to reuse these materials for the select backfill while meeting all project requirements. This kind of project forecasting cuts down on the amount of imported materials and reduces the cost to the Owner.

Lone Tree Tank - Lone Tree, Colorado

JCMD Tank - Golden, Colorado


The primary market focus for Bemas Construction, Inc. is overlot grading and overexcavation for residential developers across the Front Range. We have extensive experience in the field, and have found great success with numerous projects of this type. Additionally, Bemas has a diverse and impressive list of clients we've worked aCustomers include Richmond Homes, Meritage Homes, Shea Homes, Ryland Homes, TRI-Pointe Homes, Lennar Homes, Village Homes, Toll Brothers, D.R. Horton, Century Communities, Oakwood Homes and several others.

Overlot Grading and Overexcavation

Due to swelling soils across the Denver area, residential development can become very costly as developers are required to provide a suitable foundation for single family homes. The recommended way to construct single family houses often boils down to two options; overexcavation of existing soil to place slab-on-grade foundation or drilled piers to bedrock. Overexcavation is conducted by removing the existing soil underneath the home and moisture conditioning it to a pre-determined level provided by the soils engineer. Adding water, stabilizes the material in the hopes to help mitigate swelling of the soil in the future. Once swell is mitigated, developers are able to construct houses with slab-on-grad construction.

The alternative would be to drill piers to bedrock for each home in order to support the foundation. For most projects the most cost effective construction is to mitigate the swell by overexcavation of the onsite soils with large earthmoving equipment so that slab-on-grade construction can be utilized. Bemas conducts overexcavation by excavating often ten to twelve feet below the bottom of basements for a section of homes. The area is then backfilled with onsite material which is moisture conditioned and compacted. The home sites are then backfilled up to design elevations as established by the developer. Bemas continues the same process for all home sites throughout the subdivision. After completion, each lot is drilled by a geotechnical engineering firm to verify that the site was built per their recommendations.

Fallbrook - Thornton, Colorado

Sierra Ridge - Parker, Colorado

Colliers Hill - Erie, Colorado

Anthem - Broomfield, Colorado

Trails at Coal Creek - Lafayfette, Colorado

Whispering Pines - Aurora, Colorado

Copperleaf - Aurora, Colorado

Cottonwood Highlands - Parker, Colorado

Channel Improvements

In addition to completing the mass grading, Bemas often completes the major drainage and channel improvements that are required for the subdivision. These items include installing riprap, soil riprap, boulder drop structures, grouted boulder drop structures, and box culverts to manage storm drainage.

Similarly Bemas also works on ponds with small structures such as trickle channels, settling basins, and outfalls structures.

Two Bridges - Franktown, Colorado

Stroh Crossing - Parker, Colorado

Legacy Ridge - Westminster, Colorado

Chambers Road - Parker, Colorado

Cobblestone Ranch - Castle Rock, Colorado

Commercial & Mining

Bemas is proud to offer its services to varying and diverse industries across the Front Range. Two of the largest we support are Commercial construction and mining projects. Both fields often require large-scale specialists to assist with grading, overexcavation, stripping, and more.


Bemas Construction, Inc. has provided mass grading for several commercial developments in the Front Range. Large commercial development projects often include overexcavation of soils beneath the proposed buildings as well as overlot grading for large sites.

Bemas conducts footing excavation and backfill as requested by developers as well as furnishing and installing aggregate base course for underneath building slabs and asphalt/concrete parking areas. Fine grading for curb and gutter and paving is also included in these types of projects.

Menards- Cheyenne, Wyoming

Sierra Trading Post - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Majestic Warehouse - Aurora, Colorado


In addition to commercial development, Bemas helps customers involved in the sand and gravel industry. Projects include stripping overburden for gravel pits as well as constructing clay liners for converting gravel pits into water storage facilities after depletion.

Bemas has many employees that are MSHA certified for working in active mine areas while operations are on-going.

Gravel Pit Stripping and Reclamation


Bemas Construction, Inc. has become a leader at forefront of environmental services across the Front Range. Our unique capabilities lend themselves well to environmental projects, primarily landfill construction. We've successfully completed a variety of projects in the area, and plan on continuing for the foreseeable future.


Landfill construction has become a specialty for Bemas. Material management is critical during construction of a new landfill. During excavation material is selectively stockpiled to be reused for the later phases of the current project or stockpiled for future projects. After excavation is complete, a clay liner is constructed on the cell floor and slopes.

The clay liner is tested for permeability to make sure the liner meets all of CDPHE standards for containment. Following clay liner installation a protective cover is placed over slopes and a drainage layer is constructed of either recycled glass or recycled tires on the cell floor.

Logan County Landfill - Sterling, Colorado

Buffalo Ridge Landfill- Keenesburg, Colorado

DADS Phase 8- Aurora, Colorado

North Weld Landfill- Ault, Colorado