mass excavation services for residential, commercial and municipal projects

Bemas Construction, Inc.

Bemas was founded in 1995 to provide mass overlot grading and construction services for the Denver Metropolitan/Rocky Mountain area. Under the leadership of Larry Ames and key personnel, Bemas has evolved into a diverse heavy/civil construction company that performs grading for commercial and residential developments along with a wide range of municipal projects.

Bemas excels at projects where detailed planning and communication are critical for success.  Bemas was founded on a commitment to provide thorough, quality work. Today, more than 20 years later, we still operate on that principal. With our experience, commitment to quality, and dedication to safety, Bemas is the premier choice for subexcavation, mass overlot grading, and other large-scale construction projects.


The range of services provided by Bemas extensive and diverse. We have been a contractor for many different Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and private commercial and residential developers. Our diverse profile of large-scale projects displays our flexibility and wide range of capabilities.

  • Subexcavation
  • Overlot Grading
  • Landfill Construction
  • Channel Improvements
  • Airport Reconstruction and New Construction
  • Stripping and Reclaiming Gravel Pits
  • Highway Reconstruction and New Construction
  • Riprap
  • Railroad Sidings
  • Offsite/onsite Truck Hauling
  • Retaining Wall Excavation and Backfill
  • Lake remediation
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Storm Drainage

Prominent Projects

Riverton Airport - Riverton Wyoming

Removed existing asphalt for a large portion of the active runway and taxiway to make necessary profile changes required by the FAA. Bemas excavated underneath the runway and taxiway to adjust the profile, in areas lowering up to 12 feet. Excavated materials were hauled and placed in the safety area for the crosswind runway. After excavation was complete, the active runway was shut down and the remaining asphalt was profile milled to meet the adjusted runway profile. Finally, the entire runway was repaved and opened to air traffic.

Highway 22 Lost Bridge to Highway 73 - Mandaree, ND

Full reconstruction of 14.2 mile of two lane highway in western North Dakota. The entire project was constructed while maintaining two way traffic, often times by constructing temporary roads. Three miles were milled and removed in order to adjust the horizontal alignment and vertical profile of the roadway. The remaining portion of the roadway was reclaimed in place to recycle the existing asphalt and aggregate base course after shoulder grading was completed. Upon finishing the grading and aggregate base course, Bemas managed subcontractors to complete the asphalt, rumble strips, striping and signing.

Whispering Pines - Aurora, Colorado

Subexcavation and overlot grading for Tripointe Homes, Ryland Homes, and Shea Homes.

Rueter Hess Water Treatment Plant - Parker, Colorado

Excavation, overlot grading, storm piping and riprap for a water treatment plant.

Bemas Construction: dedicated to the safety of all our employees, other contractors on the project and the public at large.


Bemas Construction, Inc. is dedicated to the safety of all our employees, other contractors on the Project and the public at large. We take our responsibility very seriously through training and education. We strive for zero injuries and do this through a policy of accountability and teamwork. At Bemas, our number one goal is to have our employees return safely back from their job to their home and families. Bemas Construction, Inc. recognizes and promotes a safe and healthy work environment. All levels of management are committed to making project sites accident and incident-free.

Bemas Construction is well experienced with technical projects that involve structured procedures relating to scheduling, work progression, contract execution, submittals, erosion control BMP implementation, inspections and coordination of all parties involved. Bemas Construction, Inc. is also committed to a Project that provides a safe working environment to all parties on the jobsite and maintaining a safe environment for the public and overall environment.